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For my friend Dustins bacholor party we went up in August 2006 to South Lake for some fishing and outdoor adventures. We got this bitchin house about 15 minutes out of town. It was a 3 story pad with a jacuzzi on the balcony. pool table down stairs and ofcourse the bed that looked like an old fashioned wagon. We had 15 blokes cruize up with us and it was nothing short of amazing.

The ride up there was and back we laughed so much my stomache and face hurt. The cabin was filled with booze and food! we have a couple friends who met us from humbolt a popular hippie town so they loved to cook. We ate like kings the whole time! My friends area all spread out around california: humbolt, santa barbara, san diego, ventura, orange county, san louis obispo. It was cool having a little reunion.

We did a lot of fishing the best being at the upper truckee river. They just stocked it before we got there so we were pulling them up like crazy. The hole was kind of crowded do to all of us fishing there. But if you want to do some good fishing that's the place. We even went after pulling an all nighter at the casino.

We were playing Texas Hold'em when my friend got a straight flush + another guy had a straight flush. In short he hit the jackpot at the table becasue one really good hand got beat. It said on the board the jackpot was $8000!!!! We had thought he won $8000 but then they told us it was 25% of that and the whole table got percentages. He got $800 the guy that got the bad beat got $2000 and every other player got $100 including me. It wasn't $8000 but at least we got something. We already decided that we were going to the bunny ranch when it was $8000 but since it wasn't that much the infamous bunny ranch in reno, nv was out. By this time it was about 6am so we caught a cab home. There was 3 of us out at this time and we thought everyone was sleeping. We get back to the cabin and we see some movement in the back. It was 3 mates who had my baseball cap attached to the end of fishing pole and they were casting it up into the huge pine trees trying to get it stuck up there haha. It was so funny! Now there were 6 of us so we decided to load up more brew and go fishing!! great idea yes...nooooooooooo. The song that my friend Derek sang the whole way there and back was "What do you do with a drunken sailor what do you do with a drunken sailor what do you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning!" Lets just say it got old after the 1st time. When we got there the fish weren't even biting...well not for us real fisherman..These rat bastards were using power bait(which is the rookie way of fishing) and pulling up a boat load of em. I was getting so mad!! I ended up falling alseep in a big rock in the middle of the stream only to be awakened by my bro casting at my face and hitting me in the shoulder.

We also did some incredible fishing and a lil hike past falling leaf lake. you just keep taking this road and it leads to a waterfall then on to a smaller lake i belive called heavenly lake. There's a bunch of trailheads right here as well. It was a small lake nestled up against this mountain it was literally heaven! there is also a house tucked in behind that you can't see unless you hike over there. The residents travel there by boat and thats the only way to get there. It's quite cool!

Thats about all we did was fish, spa, poker, pool, and play at the casino a true boys trip. I mentioned the Polish because it seems like a popular place to come and work for them. My friend is Polish so he had a good time talking with them.

Tahoe is a great place for the outdoor enthusiast. During the winter the resorts are greatm usually get some good pow pow. Heavenly is my favorite! It's a little pricy around these parts but well worth it.

If you like to party and dance there's a great club in the Harrah's. It's quite new and also a great time. This is my 3rd trip to Tahoe but the 1st summer trip!

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